This optical illusion made of straight lines may show you something else. Brain is bleeding, says Internet

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A Twitter user named Laurel Coons, shared a picture and asked netizens to search out the hooked line.

The optical phantasm has left netizens baffled.

The facts superhighway is fond of a factual optical phantasm because it takes some minute commentary to work out what exactly is occurring in the image. After the much debated white and gold dress debacle, one netizen has given other folks every other motive to scratch their heads and work out what is occurring in the picture.

A Twitter user named Laurel Coons, shared a picture and asked netizens to search out the hooked line. The picture features a grid drawn on a granite-like background full with green lines. Nonetheless, at one ponder, a entire lot of lines seem like they’re hooked! Don’t judge us?

Stare for yourselves:

Obtain the hooked line

— Laurel Coons (@LaurelCoons) December 21, 2021

Did you ponder the hooked line? Netizens failed too. It appears to be like, the entire lines are straight and it is far correct a normal example of the Cornsweet Make. Netizens had a entire lot of reactions referring to the tweet and it has garnered over 1,800 likes.

— James Phipps (@JamesPhipps) December 21, 2021

— Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) December 21, 2021

Doing away with high frequency ‘noise’ thru filtering looks to crash that win. Besides, it reveals the sample that imho confounds our brain 🙂

— Jean-Paul Armache (@valendraica) December 21, 2021

I don’t witness a hooked line. I checked every line with a straight edge. I did, alternatively, procure a priority on the assist of my left note. I’m going to recall the priority is from making an strive to focal point on the pic, and now not a stroke!

— Joe hammer (@joehammer72) December 21, 2021

— Steph Daniel (@SLDaniel4) December 21, 2021

They are saying a sorceress lives in these woods!!

— genghis galahad (@genghisgalahad2) December 21, 2021

here’s a clue:

— NotATweeter16 (@NotATweeter16) December 21, 2021

Precise form there (I’m pointing at it with my finger excellent now)

— Darkseid (@DarkseidIsLord) December 21, 2021

Did your brain slump numb too?

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